Group Leader Resources

We want you to feel equipped to lead your group! Take a look at the material below to encourage you in your desire to lead your group well.   

Communication Tips

Click the button below for ways to engage with your group throughout the week.

Leadership Booklet

This digital booklet is filled with ideas to help equip & empower you to lead your group with care. 

& Story Cards

Starting conversation with an icebreaker question is an easy way to get people talking.

Story Cards are another casual option. Just circle up together, have each person choose the photo that best describes their week, and share with your group!   

Mutual Care:
Providing Meals

Community Groups are the context in which mutual care happens---the place that the "one-another"s are practiced. One of the ways we love & care is by providing meals for someone in the group that is having a baby, is ill or having surgery, or another crisis moment.