common Ground

Common Ground is a topic-specific gathering where issues that we’re all facing are given attention. These evenings are designed to not only give you helpful information, but to also acquaint you with practical tools that will help you navigate the issues that are covered.

Recent Sessions

Overcoming Lust
In this Common Ground teaching, we talk about the power of porn and sexual sin, and the practical hope that Jesus offers to any of us who have been held by its grip. This teaching is for both men & women; anyone who finds themselves stuck and looking for hope and change.
Healing From Hurt 
& Extending Forgiveness
Have you been wrestling bitterness from past hurt? You know that you should forgive, but just feel stuck? Maybe you've tried, but it hasn't helped, and you can even find yourself wanting the person that hurt you to suffer. Or maybe you've forgiven the offense, but your emotions are still entangled and there's a negative fixation that at times can overwhelm you. Listen in to our first Common Ground, and leave with practical steps to help you heal from hurt & extend forgiveness.
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