Discipleship Pathway

What does it look like to move beyond a verbal profession of faith and step into a life of following Jesus in the monotony of everyday living?

Put simply, it means that we re-organize our lives around 3 goals:

Be With Jesus

Become Like Jesus

Do What Jesus Did

Sunday morning worship services are great, and joining a community group is an essential next step if we hope to connect with other believers that are on the same journey, but discipleship to Jesus is so much more than these scheduled events.

Discipleship isn't an event, but a lifestyle, and one that requires practice.

There were distinct practices that Jesus was committed to throughout his earthly ministry. And if he was committed to them, and we're called to follow him, wouldn’t it make sense that we were committed to them too? Because the reality is,

We can’t experience the life that Jesus offered us if we aren’t willing to live the life that Jesus lived.

The Discipleship Pathway is designed to explore these practices, and to give clear direction and practical steps into what it means to follow Jesus more closely. As a result, we'll experience this abundant life that he offered and be transformed into people who look more and more like him.

The Practices

1) Be With Jesus

Silence & Solitude
How To Read The Bible
Persistent Prayer
Practicing Sabbath

2) Become Like Jesus

Discovering Your Identity
 Dealing With Your Past
 Extending Forgiveness
 Living In Community

3) Do What Jesus Did

Radically Ordinary Hospitality
Preaching the Gospel
Doing Justice
Living Generously
For any additional questions, please contact Adam Winter, Pastor of Spiritual Formation.