Current Series

God Speaks

Prayer. Does it really change things?

What is prayer? Does it really work?  Does God even hear me? What's the point?  We all have had wrestled with these questions and many more.  But, are we willing to lay our lives completely down in God’s plan and petition for others even when it’s hard? As we look into God's Word we are encouraged to discover that our prayers matter!

Uncommon Summer

It's the unofficial start to summer! For the next 3 months, 90 days, 2,376 hours we all will be dreaming, planning, preparing and executing our summer extravaganzas!  But will this summer look like previous summers, or will it be different? In John 6, Jesus is calling his followers to do some pretty unusual things that will impact the rest of their lives.  


Many people identify themselves as Christians, but does that truly reflect in their lives? “Christian” can be so broad that its meaning gets lost. A disciple is more specific. How do you identify with Christ? Would your life reflect that of a disciple? In this series we examine what identifying with Christ looks like, and how it impacts our daily living. 

Hope has a Name

We celebrate new life because Jesus is alive!  Sin has been defeated and conquered, yet in life, we can become discouraged. Hope isn't just wishful thinking.  It's not a fairy tale or something far off and out of reach. Hope has a name, Jesus! 

What If?

Most of us have had those moments when we’ve said… “If only I had (or hadn’t) ______________. Or we’ve used “if only” to describe how much better our life would be “if only” we had this or that or were in a different situation.  WHAT IF we changed that? WHAT IF we stopped running, excusing and blaming? WHAT IF we really believed God was really working for our good (in every situation)? WHAT IF God’s mission truly became our mission

40 Days of Prayer

What a perfect way to begin the year; really putting the time in the relationship that shapes everything else! Prayer! Join us over the next 40 Days as we learn, discover and practice growing in our communication with our Heavenly Father. 

Peace on Earth

It's that time of year again.  The lights, snow, parties, music, and food all being to make things a little chaotic. Suddenly life isn't peaceful. But, we are also reminded that peace has come to earth! This Christmas season let's discover how peace has come to earth. 

Calling the Strong

It’s not by our might that we conquer sin or follow God’s word or triumph or anything really. It’s God working in us that we live fully and can do what He says. Without him, we are empty and meaningless. In this series let us all discover how God is using our weakness to engage in his kingdom.

Reach More

ReachMore is a series that explores the biblical foundation for this exciting new season at NC. We believe God is calling us to expand our reach, to give sacrificially, and to make room for more people to become disciples of Jesus Christ!