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Vertical deals with some very important biblical principles that we believe are paramount to being the church and the individuals God has called us to be. Churches, just like people, can become busy and preoccupied with things that look good and make themselves look good, but do a very poor job of glorifying God. In fact, if we're not careful, we can do what we do to promote our name, to give us a picture to post on social media so others will see how good we are (church or individual).  Church is for God, about God, through God, and to the Glory of His Great Son!


So many marriages are struggling or ending. So many are tired of the chaos that exists in their home. There is hope, not of just surviving in a marriage, but a hope of thriving in your marriage. Remember, we are broken people helping other broken people change. Your marriage can not only survive but thrive!

All In

“We are gifted by God to be a gift to His church!” God has a plan for your life. He deems you worthy and valuable. He created you for community and belonging! All in takes a look at the gifts God has given to His body for the purpose of giving away to others. 

Live Unoffended

Nothing is more destructive than bitterness and unforgiveness. Relationships are fractured, marriages ripped apart, churches split, employees leave jobs, families become fragmented, etc... Someone got offended and refused to forgive, and not always because someone sinned against them.  Join us as we look to God's Word and discover how we can LIVE UNOFFENDED!