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The Vision

We believe that the Holy Spirit is leading us to expand our facilities and increase our impact in Greenwood and beyond!  We have an obvious need for additional space in our NC Kids ministry, and to minister more effectively to families as a whole.  God has continued to bless us with growth in every area of our ministry, and we want to respond in faith by making room for the people that God continues to bring! Funds generated from this effort will be utilized in the following 3 ways, which is why you will see the shorter version,  Rm3, used during this endeavor:

· 80% of funds will go towards the building of a 600 seat sanctuary, and the renovation of our current sanctuary into much needed space for our NC Kids ministry.

· 10% of funds will go towards blessing local ministries in the Greenwood area who are involved in meeting needs of various demographics, as they share the Gospel with them in the process.

· 10% will be put aside for a future church plant to an unreached people group and to other foreign ministry efforts as needs arise.


The Process

Reach More [Rm3] will develop through out a series of steps:

Our first phase will be to build a simple but efficient sanctuary that would double our current seating capacity (600).  We will also have 4000 square foot above the lobby available for future expansion.   Our heart in expanding our facilities is to do so in as frugal a way as is possible.    We believe that God has not only brought people to our family who can help us financially but also people who will help us physically with the actual building aspect so that we are able to complete it for an amount that is considerably below the norm.

The second phase of building in the Rm3 campaign will be to renovate our current sanctuary into 4500 square feet of exciting space for our NC Kids ministry.   We are very much looking forward to a space that allows the Gospel to be planted in the hearts and minds of the children that spend time with us each week.   Our primary area of growth over the last two years has been families with young children and we are excited about a facility that enables us to minister to them in a more effective way.

Another aspect of this campaign, which will span a 2 year period, is the endeavor to be completely debt free as a church, thereby freeing us up to make huge impacts locally and globally. 

Will you pray about what part you will play in helping us REACH MORE?

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The Invitation

So how can you join us in what GOD is doing here at New Covenant? There are several different ways that you can join us in this endeavor over the next year: 

On October 15th, 2017 we will be having our BIG GIVE!  This is a huge day for us as a church, and we are praying that God will speak in a specific manner to each person and family that considers New Covenant their home as to how they can be involved.  We invite you to pray too, spending some time with God and asking Him how He would like you to contribute. Here are some different ways that you can do so:

· Become a first time giver.   Maybe you have never contributed to the ministry of NC but you would like to do so now

· Become a consistent giver.    Maybe you’ve given sporadically in the past and feel God is leading you to be consistent in your giving.

· Become an intentional giver.  Maybe you give regularly, but you want to increase your monthly amount as a way to contribute to this campaign. For this person, the question is not "how much am I supposed to give?", but "what am I not giving, and why?".

· Give a one-time significant gift (either on the 15th, or at another designated time).  This could be someone who has never given before, or someone who gives regularly to this ministry, but wants to give over and above that amount. This one time gift can be given anytime during the next two years.

· Pledge an amount (over and above your normal giving) that you will give all at once or over time.