Building Fund

The following is an update as of August 1, 2019.  We are 22 months into our two-year campaign and already 100%+  of funds pledged have come in! (campaign will go through October 2019)


Total Amount Received: $765,000.00* 



(* of amount received - $433,360.00 are funds set aside before beginning campaign and monies moved from monthly giving since campaign began that were not specifically designated to Rm3 - 100% of unspecified  funds will go toward building project.  $332,640.00 is campaign specific giving.)

Current expenditures:

  • Metal building  $135,306.00
  • Architectural Plans  $44,000.00
  • Lumber/Framing/labor   $130,162.00
  • A/V   $24,191.00
  • Grading/Clearing/Demo $80,347.00
  • Concrete Pad  $122,111.00
  • Equipment Purchase/Rental  $47,630.00
  • Building Erection  $5,852.00
  • Fire Safety   $91,377.00
  • Miscellaneous Supplies  $27,800.00
  • Site Plans/Surveys/Permits  $14,481.00
  • Paint  $7,292.00
  • HVAC     $110,000.00
  • Electrical   $127,480.00
  • Lighting   $23,236.00
  • Plumbing $10,000.00
  • Paving  $135,047.00
  • Sheetrock  $30,479.00
  • Building Enhancements  $86,815.00

 Total Spent as of 7/30/19  -    $1,253,706.00.

 It appears that, when completed, we will have been able to build this building for $76.00 a square foot which is just unheard of for a commercial building, particularly a church building.  We've also been able to give to local and foreign missions during this campaign in the amount of $81,000.00 which is just incredible during a building program!!!


The Vision

We believe that the Holy Spirit is leading us to expand our facilities and increase our impact in Greenwood and beyond!  WE ARE MINIMALIST WHEN IT COMES TO CONSTRUCTING BUILDINGS.  WE SEE THEM SIMPLY AS STRUCTURES THAT FACILITATE THE MOVEMENT OF THE GOSPEL!  We have an obvious need for additional space in our NC Kids ministry, and to minister more effectively to families as a whole.  God has continued to bless us with growth in every area of our ministry, and we want to respond in faith by making room for the people that God continues to bring!

*Funds that were on-hand before campaign and funds received that are not specifically designated for the Rm3 campaign may be moved into our building campaign.  If such funds are moved out of our general operating account,  those funds will be  used 100% for our building program.


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