Next Steps

First Step


The Party

The first step to getting plugged in at New Covenant is to come to The Party! This is a laid back gathering at the church, where newcomers can meet with the church pastors, leaders, and their families. It is a great opportunity to get to know some of the leaders in the church and begin building relationships. Childcare will be provided because we feel so strongly that this is an important first step to take in getting plugged in here at New Covenant.

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Second Step


Discover NC

The second step to getting plugged in at New Covenant is to attend a Discover NC class. This is our first step in becoming a member here at New Covenant. This meeting is lead by our Senior Pastor who walks through what the expectation is in being a member at New Covenant. After attending, you will have all the information you need to prayerfully and thoughtfully decide if you want to partner with New Covenant through membership. 

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Third Step 


Commitment Conversation

After you have attended Discover NC and want to go forward with being a member here at New Covenant, you will need to send a follow up email to  to set up a meeting with our Assimilation Director. This is the final step in committing to be a member. In this conversation, there will be follow up on how you can engage within the church body through serving and Community Groups.

Final Step



Engaging at New Covenant is really about becoming a known quantity within the church body. Getting involved in a Community Group is a great way to do life with other believers. Finding an area of ministry that you are passionate about and serving is another great way to engage. Ultimately, when a committed member is engaging at New Covenant, it is there that they find themselves growing in Christ most often.