Next Steps

First Step


The Party

The first step to getting plugged in at New Covenant is to come to The Party! This is a laid back gathering at the church, where newcomers can mingle with the church pastors and leaders, and their families. It is a great opportunity to get to know some people in the church and begin building relationships. Childcare will be provided because we feel so strongly that this is an important first step to take in getting plugged in here at New Covenant.

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Second Step


Discover NC

The second step to getting plugged in at New Covenant is to attend a Discover NC class. This is our version of a membership class here at New Covenant. After attending, you will have all the information you need to prayerfully and thoughtfully decide if you want to partner with New Covenant through membership. 

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Third Step 


Community Group

Community Groups are the main channel for discipleship and care at New Covenant. We believe that discipleship isn't an event, it’s a lifestyle. Groups are committed to building Christ centered relationships within the context of mutual ministry which is founded on the “one another’s” in Scripture. Groups provide the vital opportunity to grow in your walk with Jesus, and are a place where you experience genuine community which applies the truths of God’s Word into every area of your life. Being committed and connected to a group are essential elements because we were not meant to do life alone.

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Fourth Step



Find an area of ministry that you are passionate about and serve. We have many great areas in our church that always need more volunteers. Volunteers are essential to the church. So, become apart of impacting people's lives for the Kingdom of God through serving at New Covenant.

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  Final Step


 Equip Classes

Disciples go through a continual process of sanctification, which simply means becoming more and more like the Lord Jesus. The heart of Equip involves learning to think biblically about God and viewing everything else in light of Him. These classes aim to provide biblical teaching for knowing and following Jesus in all aspects of life.

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