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Men’s ministry at New Covenant seeks to cultivate a community of men who are following Jesus by being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and doing what Jesus did. Together we engage in Bible studies, Burgerfest, prayer, and other men’s discipleship/mentoring events.  Our common goal is the glory of God through us following Jesus together. 


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Join us on Tuesday's at 6:00 AM for a time of going deep into God's Word. Reading and meditating on God's Word are essential to living a Christian life and knowing who God is. We hope to see you there! To sign up just click the button below. For more information contact Matt Dorn at

Tuesday 6:00 AM     


Pornography isn’t just a worldly problem, but a BIG church problem:

- 64% of self-identified Christian men say they look at porn at least once a month
- 37% of Christian men view porn multiple times per week

That means that if you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you have a problem with porn. Porn isn’t just XXX websites; it’s anything that you’re using to seek sexual satisfaction outside of your wife. We know it can't deliver the satisfaction that it promises, but we can't seem to stop.

If you see yourself somewhere in those statistics, and you're tired of giving in to this pervasive sin over and over again, exhausted by the consequences, and deeply desire freedom from the chains of pornography, then join us. The darkness of your past with porn, no matter how severe, is nothing to be compared with the cross of Christ and the grace that is found in knowing Him; grace that not only forgives you, but a grace that wants to change you. There is hope not just of "doing better", or looking at porn less, but of finding freedom from it.

If you want to see this change happen in your own life, we invite you to sign up for Restoring Sexual Sanity, an 8-week group that meets one night per week for about an hour or so. We will walk through gospel-centered, grace-empowered principles that will push us toward lasting freedom from pornography. To sign up, just click the button below. If you have any questions, please contact Adam Winter at  .

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Do you have questions email us at and include "Men's Ministry" in the subject line. Include your phone number if it's more convenient to talk over the phone.