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Group Questions November 28th- December 2nd
as of 11_14_21
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Marriage Matters: Friday, December 3rd
Leadership Gathering: Friday, January 14th
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Serving together is a great way to deepen relationships in the group as well as challenge each other that the group is not about us but about God and His mission. Pray as a group, pick a ministry and serve together. 

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Story Cards
One great idea to start the conversation in your group is using Story Cards.  Story Cards are a great way to help people share their lives and spiritual journeys. Using photographs as a storytelling tool can draw your group into deeper reflection and more meaningful conversations.
But you don't always have to go deep with Story Cards. You can also use them as a fun ice-breaker at the beginning of any group meeting. It all depends on what kind of question you ask.
Here's all you have to do:
1. Spread the Story Cards out in the middle of the room so people can see them when they first walk in. 
2. Ask each person to pick a card that captures their response to one of the questions that follow.
3. Go around the room and have everyone share why they picked the card they did.
Be creative. Ask questions that will help people connect with one another and have a few laughs.
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