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Community Groups are the main channel for discipleship and care at New Covenant. We believe that discipleship isn't an event, it’s a lifestyle. Groups are committed to building Christ-centered relationships within the context of mutual ministry which is founded on the “one another’s” in Scripture. Groups provide the vital opportunity to grow in your walk with Jesus and are a place where you experience genuine community that applies the truths of God’s Word into every area of your life. Being committed and connected to a group are essential elements because we were not meant to do life alone.

Before you jump into looking for a group, take this advice: Don't wait and wait and wait for the ”perfect” group. There is no such thing. See what God does with your faithfulness and how your life changes after you experience Intentional Community. You can’t grow spiritually unless you're connected relationally.

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Our groups are the heartbeat and life of New Covenant Church.

How Do I Join a group?

We want to make Groups simple and easy to jump into, so to find your Group, you just need to determine what night a group gathers would work for you. We desire for our groups to reflect the body of our church. This means that we want people, of all walks in life, all ethnic representation, young/old, single/married, kids/no kids, male/female, to gather in homes, cultivate intentional relationships that lead one another to grow both in their relationships with Christ and one another. Sometimes these groups are just merely a social gather and at other times they are devoted to applying the truths of God's Word as well as praying for one another. Regardless of how we meet and when we meet, our goal in groups is cultivating intentional relationships that lead to growth with God and one another. 

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Group Leaders

The only way that we can have enough room for everyone at New Covenant to experience community in a group is by having people just like you lead our groups. You do not have to be a Bible wizard or the most outgoing person ever to lead a group. We just ask that you are a disciple of Jesus, a member at New Covenant Church, and you want to invest in people through Groups.

If you're interested in leading a Group, then simply click the Become a Group Leader button below for more information on your next steps.

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